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DAUPHIN COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS COMMISSIONERS’ LEGISLATIVE MEETING WEDNESDAY, MAY 4, 2016 10:00 A.M. I. CALL TO ORDER II. MOMENT OF SILENCE III. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE IV. APPROVAL OF MINUTES April 13, 2016 Workshop Meeting April 20, 2016 Legislative Meeting April 20, 2016 Salary Board Meeting V. EXECUTIVE SESSIONS HELD BETWEEN MEETINGS VI. PUBLIC PARTICIPATION VII. ELECTION BOARD A. First Certification of Computation of Votes Cast at the April 26, 2016 General Primary Election VIII. DIRECTORS/GUESTS A. Daniel Malpezzi, Esq., McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC 1. Resolution – TEFRA Approval – Pinnacle Health (Listed as Item GG under Matters Requiring Board Action) B. Dauphin County Commissioners, MH/ID and TrueNorth Wellness Services 1. Proclamation – Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week IX. HUMAN RESOURCES – KAY LENGLE A. Personnel Packet X. RANDY BARATUCCI, PURCHASING DIRECTOR A. Purchase Orders B. Bid Award for Dauphin County Bridge #45 Rehabilitation Project to the low bidder, Kevin E. Raker Construction, LLC at a bid amount of $279,398.32. XI. REPORT FROM BUDGET & FINANCE DIRECTOR – MIKE YOHE A. Investment Report XII. REPORT FROM CHIEF CLERK/CHIEF OF STAFF – CHAD SAYLOR XIII. SOLICITOR’S REPORT – JOSEPH A. CURCILLO, III, ESQ. XIV. MATTERS REQUIRING BOARD ACTION A. Purchase of Service Agreements between Dauphin County (Children & Youth) and: 1. Dr. Dawn Gullette-Crosson 2. Alternative Rehabilitation Communities, Inc. (Schaffner) 3. Alternative Rehabilitation Communities, Inc. (non-Schaffner residential) 4. Bethany Home, Inc. 5. Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 6. Charles Willis (t/d/b/a Alwaze Clean 7. The Children’s Service Center of Wyoming Valley, Inc. 8. Community Services Group, Inc. 9. Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Services, Inc. 10. Families United Network, Inc. 11. Haven Home for Girls 12. Village Services 13. Wordsworth Academy 14. Youth Services Agency B. Adoption Assistance Agreements: #2016-23, #2016-24, #2016-25 and #2016-26. C. Subsidized Legal Custodianship Agreement #2016-03. D. Subrecipient Agreement between Dauphin County and Londonderry Township for Flood Management Program. E. Subrecipient Agreement between Dauphin County and the Borough of Steelton for a Midget Baseball Field Improvement Project. F. Stipulation of Settlement – Pennsylvania Medical Society – Parcel #35-074-054 (777 East Park Drive) – Docket #2014-CV-8879-TX. G. Repository Bid received from Matthew R. Krupp – Parcel #06-015-041 (1407 Susquehanna Street) - $501.00. H. Partial Refund of 2016 Real Estate Taxes & March Interim Tax – Parcel #66-015-037 (205 Gun Club Rd.) – Jordan Dresel - $137.32. I. Refund of 2016 Real Estate Taxes – Parcel #63-017-016 (6330 Somerset Street) – Robert Lesher - $592.00. J. Refund of 2016 Real Estate Taxes & March Interim Tax – Parcel #34-006-028 (1025 Colebrook Road) – Dwayne Leininger - $26.38. K. Partial Refund of 2016 Real Estate Taxes – Parcel #63-030-028 (1074 Highland Street) – Bradley Stepp - $202.53. L. Partial Refund of 2016 Real Estate Taxes – Parcel #01-028-028 (1119 S. Cameron Street) – Paradise Pizzeria & Coffee Shop LLC - $186.96. M. Professional Agreement between Dauphin County (Public Safety) and Earth Networks for the purchase and installation of an Earth Network’s Weather Station. N. Intragovernmental Transfer Agreement between Dauphin County and the City of Harrisburg for a 2004 Acura MDX. O. Service Solutions Contract between Dauphin County (Facilities Maintenance) and Automated Logic for Dauphin County Bulk Storage. P. Service Plan between Dauphin County (MDJ) and Schneider Electric for the Magisterial District Judges CCTV. Q. Commercial Sales Agreement between Dauphin County (Public Safety) and Tyco Integrated Security for installation and programming of 4D smoke detectors. R. Subordination Agreement for Barbara A. Rice on the property located at 3222 Penwood Road, Harrisburg, PA 17110. S. Subordination Agreement for Peter McFarlane and Claudette McFarlane on the property located at 2204 Buttonwood Circle, Harrisburg, PA 17110. T. Satisfaction Piece for Elias and Ivette Jimenez on the property located at 508 S. Arlington Ave., Harrisburg, PA 17109. (This is an original mortgage from 1996 that is forgivable therefore no payoff is required.) U. Repository Bid received from Brookside Mobile Home Park – Parcel #36-007-018-062- 0242 (62 Manny Drive) - $500.00. V. Satisfaction Piece for Glenroy D. Marshall on the property located at 2987 Rumson Drive, Harrisburg, PA 17104 - $4,750.00. W. Planned Maintenance Agreement between Dauphin County (Probation Services) and Cummins Power Systems, LLC for the Kohler Generator. X. Submission of Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) Subgrant #26845 to PCCD (October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2019) - $164,433. Y. Performance Agreement between Dauphin County (Parks & Recreation) and Mallory M. Scoppa – Fort Hunter Day (September 18, 2016) - $500.00. Z. Performance Agreement between Dauphin County (Parks & Recreation) and Central Penn Education Associates, LLC – Dauphin County BrewFest (July 16, 2016) - $800.00. AA. Sponsorship Agreement between Dauphin County (Parks & Recreation) and Capital BlueCross for the Diabetes Collaborative Interaction & Movement Grant. BB. Agreement – Mutual Use of a Public Notification Service through Designated Authorized Users between Dauphin County and Swatara Township. CC. Guaranteed Parking Revenue Note, Series of 2004, Modification Agreement and Declaration of no Set-Off. DD. Repository Bid received from Community Investment & Development LLC for the following properties: 1. Parcel #02-027-036 (440 Hummel Street) - $500.00 2. Parcel #08-027-012 (128 N. Summit Street) - $500.00 3. Parcel #09-010-047 (42 N. Summit Street) - $500.00 4. Parcel #09-062-002 (1403 Mayflower Street) - $500.00 3 5. Parcel #10-014-066 (615 Geary Street) - $500.00 6. Parcel #10-014-069 (609 Geary Street) - $500.00 7. Parcel #10-021-016 (2632 N. 6th Street) - $500.00 8. Parcel #10-021-076 (2622 Lexington Street) - $500.00 9. Parcel #10-024-039 (542 Curtin Street) - $500.00 10. Parcel #10-025-073 (2231 Turner Alley) - $500.00 11. Parcel #10-031-014 (530 Curtin Street) - $500.00 12. Parcel #11-009-028 (1927 Logan Street) - $500.00 13. Parcel #13-004-016 (2108 Swatara Street) - $500.00 14. Parcel #15-007-041 (1930 Forster Street) - $500.00 EE. Repository Bid received from Janelle Limric for Parcel #10-015-010 (623 Radnor Street) – $500.00. FF. Repository Bids received from Harrisburg Housing Authority for the following properties: 1. Parcel #10-026-004 (2148 N. 6th Street) - $500.00 2. Parcel #10-026-005 (2146 N. 6th Street) - $500.00 GG. Resolution #14 - 2016 approving the financing of certain Pinnacle Health System Health Care Facilities located in Dauphin County and declaring that it is desirable for the health, safety and welfare of the people in the area to be served by such facilities. HH. Second Amendment to Vehicle Parking License Agreement between Dauphin County and Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency. II. Mortgage, Loan and Security Agreement and Note between Dauphin County and Sunflower Fields, LP. JJ. Training Packet. XV. FORMER BUSINESS XVI. NEW BUSINESS XVII. COMMISSIONERS’ DISCUSSION & ACTIONS XVIII. CORRESPONDENCE A. Notification from Glace Associates, Inc. advising that Lykens Borough is applying to DEP for a General Permit #11 – Maintenance of Water Obstructions and Encroachments for the Edward Street Bridge. B. Notification from Madden Engineering Services, Inc. advising that Patrick and Sarah Owen are applying to DEP for a General Permit #5 Registration for utility line crossing through wetland for a project located on 399 N. 39th Street. C. Notification from C.S. Davidson advising that Sheetz is applying to DEP for a NPDES Permit for the Clarks Ferry Sheetz Store #461 Wastewater Treatment Plant. D. Notification from K&W Designing Environments advising that Cameron Street Investments is applying to DEP for a NPDES Permit for stormwater discharges associated with the Cameron Street Investments HOP Improvements Project. E. Notification from Light-Heigel & Associates, Inc. advising that the Middle Paxton Township Board of Supervisors is applying to DEP for a General Permit 11 for maintenance, testing, rehabilitation or replacement of water obstructions and encroachments for the 1443 Potato Valley Road Culvert project. F. Notification from Herbert, Rowland & Grubic, Inc. advising that Lower Paxton Township is applying to DEP for a BWM-GP-4 General Permit for the Nassau Road project. G. Notification from Suez advising that they are applying to DEP for a General Permit 5 Stream Crossing Permit for the project located at South Arlington Avenue crossing under Slotznick Run. H. Notification from Herbert, Rowland & Grubic, Inc. advising that the Township of Derry is applying to DEP for a Water Obstruction and Encroachment Permit for the Park Boulevard Re-alignment and Bridge Construction Project. XIX. PUBLIC PARTICIPATION XX. ADJOURNMENT ****THE NEXT SCHEDULED MEETING WILL BE WEDNESDAY, MAY 11, 2016 AT 10:00 A.M. – A COMMISSIONERS’ WORKSHOP MEETING. **** “THE BOARD RESERVES THE RIGHT, PURSUANT TO ACT 84 OF 1986 AS AMENDED, TO HOLD EXECUTIVE SESSIONS BETWEEN THE TIMES OF THE BOARD’S OPEN MEETINGS FOR ANY PURPOSE AUTHORIZED BY STATUTE.”(Read More)
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May. 10th, 2016 @ 7:10 pm
RT @Heisler_Eric: Here ya go @RoxburyNews

Apr. 26th, 2016 @ 10:30 pm
RT @houseofbuddy: HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) _ Pennsylvania Democrats pick party establishment choice Katie McGinty as US Senate candidate.

Apr. 17th, 2016 @ 5:12 pm
Governor Wolf signs #SB3 https://t.co/qkrLOQpUw5

Apr. 15th, 2016 @ 5:31 pm
Archive video 4.15.8 - Chelsea Clinton visits Mechanicsburg Pa. https://t.co/8wNB71Vcdb #election2016

Apr. 6th, 2016 @ 4:07 pm
RT @romyvarghese: Redemption for Harrisburg agency in the muni market, after its predecessor nearly bankrupted the city. https://t.co/sEQtK…

Mar. 18th, 2016 @ 11:08 pm
RT @phillydotcom: Pa. Justice Dougherty recovering after being attacked by homeless man. https://t.co/hcXFmzoe8m @BrianXMcCrone https://t.c…

Mar. 16th, 2016 @ 6:33 pm
PA House votes to legalize medical marijuana, next step PA Senate.

Mar. 16th, 2016 @ 2:55 pm
RT @houseofbuddy: Justice Michael Eakin went with brevity in yesterday's resignation letter. https://t.co/S6bpX5hsud

Mar. 8th, 2016 @ 9:20 pm
RT @freep: .@realDonaldTrump: "Chris Christie is here someplace." #MIprimary

Mar. 3rd, 2016 @ 1:55 pm
RT @MontcoCourtNews: Patrick Rocco Reese, driver for #PA AG Kathleen Kane sentenced to 3-6 months in jail on contempt charge in #MontcoPa

Feb. 24th, 2016 @ 2:22 pm
Cheating scandal at PSP Academy - 29 cadets have left. Video https://t.co/Die1MkuY5c

Feb. 17th, 2016 @ 9:57 am
Dauphin county commissioners scheduled to vote on $6 million in local share gaming grants. Video https://t.co/YotfvAYPLR

Feb. 17th, 2016 @ 5:58 pm
Someone stole Simon Cameron's guns. Video https://t.co/JKCj7UhAob #secretaryofwar

Feb. 16th, 2016 @ 9:03 am
AG Kathleen Kane schedules media event in Scranton today to discuss the future of the Office of Attorney General.

Feb. 11th, 2016 @ 6:54 pm
Hbg Mayor Papenfuse - Reduce possession of marijuana from misdemeanor to summary offense. Video https://t.co/o2dEzy0Hgv

Feb. 10th, 2016 @ 2:45 pm
PA Senate vote to remove AG Kane fails 29-19.

Feb. 9th, 2016 @ 11:48 am
Some highlights from Governor Wolf's proposed 2016-2017 budget. video https://t.co/ZFa3znvrzO

Feb. 8th, 2016 @ 9:10 pm
RT @EHStar: Firefighters saved the house where #JackieKennedy used to spend her summers in #EastHampton today. https://t.co/nbLyieAMob

Feb. 3rd, 2016 @ 6:22 pm
RT @billy_penn: BREAKING: After two days, judge denies Bill Cosby's attempt to throw out sexual assault charges https://t.co/Lfue9e0nRm

Feb. 3rd, 2016 @ 5:31 pm
RT @LMcCrystal: Cosby hearing is now in recess as judge decides whether non-prosecution agreement existed. He'll return with decision.

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