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By James Roxbury
Saturday May 13, 2017 at 12:52 pm

Harrisburg Mayoral Townhall Debate Sponsored by ABC27 News.

Debate moderators Mark Hall and Blake Lynch.

Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center May 11, 2017 7pm.

Event Organizer Blake Lynch.

Community partners of this event include:

The Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center, Klock Entertainment, The African American Chamber of Commerce of Central PA, the Central Pennsylvania Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, the NAACP of Greater Harrisburg, LA Voz Latina Central, and We Do Media.

Opening statements.

Bringing new business to Harrisburg.

Investment properties.

Harrisburg School District,


Harrisburg School District.


Anthony Harrell.

Jennie Jenkins and Lewis Butts.

Broad Street Market.

60 seconds for closing remarks.

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