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By James Roxbury
Thursday March 19, 2015 at 11:12 pm

Harrisburg, PA – Acting State Police Commissioner Colonel Marcus Brown released the following statement:

For over 20 years, I have worked in law enforcement, starting as a beat cop and eventually serving as the head of Maryland State Police before having the honor of being appointed to serve as the Commissioner of the Pennsylvania State Police. As a long-time law enforcement officer and a long-time resident of Pennsylvania, it is an honor to come home and serve the commonwealth.

My appointment to lead the Pennsylvania State Police has been the greatest honor of my career. The men and women of the Pennsylvania State Police serve the people of our commonwealth with honor and distinction, and it has been my unique privilege to serve with them over the past few months.

Part of the past few months has included criticism over my decisions to wear the uniform of the Pennsylvania State Police. I have always believed that wearing the uniform – as I have throughout my career – conveys respect for my colleagues and helps to represent the State Police in my interactions with the public. The criticism of my decision has included derogatory social media postings and personal attacks. It is one thing to attack me, but it finally culminated with an individual finding out where I live, where my children get on the bus, my route of travel, the time I leave my home, putting up signs attacking me, and recording me from afar.

And yesterday after all of this, I made a mistake and an error in judgment. After seeing the signs and realizing that someone had invaded my family’s privacy, I acted hastily without considering my role and the leadership position I hold in the commonwealth. My actions clearly did not reflect well on me or the organization I represent, and I regret that. My family was placed in fear; I reacted as a father to protect my children and my family. Local law enforcement was immediately notified and the signs were turned over to them.

I deeply appreciate the opportunity to lead the Pennsylvania State Police. There is quite simply no greater honor.

I am sorry that my action has distracted from the critical mission that all of our troopers and civilians undertake each day.

I will work every single day to affirm the reputation I have built over the course of my career. I will continue to work toward increasing diversity, obtaining funding for additional cadet classes and fighting the heroin epidemic that is plaguing so many of our communities. I will carry myself with integrity and with honor - as I have throughout my 20 year law enforcement career.

It is an honor and a privilege to lead the Pennsylvania State Police. I will not forget that, and I will work every day to make my colleagues, the people of Pennsylvania, and my family proud of my leadership, actions, and integrity.

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