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By James Roxbury
Tuesday June 30, 2015 at 5:36 pm

Pa Senate passes HB 1192 budget bill Tuesday afternoon. by a 30-19 vote.


Archive video of the budget process.

Sen. Pat Brown, Chair of the Senate Appropriations committee opens the meeting by moving HB 1192 A general appropriations act for 2015/2016 cycle.

Details of the thirty billion dollar budget.

Sen. Jake Corman on the Governor's spending plan.

200 no votes 0 yes votes.

Sen. Scott Wagner on education funding.

The spending is going to McMansion type buildings around the state.

Sen. John Wozniak.

I know how to kill a vampire, I know how to kill a werewolf.

Sen. Vincent Hughes introduces three amendments.

Three no votes and passage of HB 1192.

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