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By James Roxbury
Tuesday June 16, 2015 at 9:18 pm

Audio files of the undercover sting operation recorded by the Office of the Attorney General's CI Tyron Ali and Pa state Rep. Ronald Waters.

Rep. Ron Waters is asked to help find a job for CI Tyron Ali's friend.

I just need a no vote on HB 974.

That's two grand, that's for you.

You eat, I eat. Lunch at the Palm.

Setting up a PAC for the Black Caucus.

Ron Waters birthday party, a fine cigar, and a thousand dollar bribe.

Four hundred dollars.

A meeting with Vince Fenerty, Executive Director of the Philadelphia Parking Authority .

Bring Vince to the table. Bringing home the contract.

A thousand dollar bribe, and getting money from Trinidad.

Democratic caucus committee appointments.

The first problem is a union problem, right. That Local 1776.

Photo/Natalie Cake file.

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