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By James Roxbury
Friday March 13, 2015 at 3:04 pm

John Quigley, acting secretary of DEP testifies before the House appropriations committee Wednesday March 11, 2015.

John Quigley.

Opening remarks.

Chairman William Adolph.

A 698 million dollar complex budget.

John Maher.

Who are the new members of the Oil and Gas Technical Advisory Board (TAB).

Greg Vitali.

A stellar job as DCNR secretary.

Michael Peifer.

Delaware river basin, snow and ice packs.

Mike Carroll.

Keystone landfill expansion.

Garth Everett.

TAB advisory board.

Mary Jo Daley.

Sustainable jobs, and climate change.

Kevin Schreiber.

Brownfield redevelopment.

Dave Millard.

Storm water, stream debris and gravel bars.

Jim Marshall.

Explain the length of time needed to obtain landfill expansion permits.

Jeff Pyle.

Spending 900 million dollars on alternative energy natural gas and solar projects.

Matt Bradford.

An Orwellian debate - is it a tax or a fee.

Mike Vereb.

Erosion control projects.

Madeleine Dean.

Drinking water and shale gas.

Seth Grove.

Dam permits.

A severance tax will drive drillers away.

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