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By James Roxbury
Monday March 17, 2014 at 12:57 pm

Attorney General Kathleen Kane press event Monday March 17, 2014.

Attorney General Kane. Opening statement.

Attorney General Kane. I don't take kindly to baseless allegations. Politics is a dirty business.


What do you think should happen to the five people who took gifts. I think public corruption really is discussing, it turns my stomach,.

Was this just a rouge example of a case gone badly. This case was done very poorly.

Allegedly targeting black legislators. We have two independent sources, who reported it to two independent law enforcement agencies .

Did the Enquirer capture the full scope of the investigation. I'm not here to bash a newspaper, I'm here to bash the anonymous sources.

A reach out to the feds and DA Marsico. This case was almost dead 18 months before I took office.

A claim of race. Focus on the Black Caucus. I've not raised a claim of race.

Why not start from scratch. You can't pretend it didn't happen, you can't do a do over, you can't call a mulligan.

What were the barriers in trying this case. The credibility of the confidential informant (CI) was completely shot.

Do you believe a crime occurred on the audio tapes I believe that we have evidence that certain legislators were taking money, and thats a crime.

This story has been updated several times with additional videos and to add Press Event to the title.

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