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By James Roxbury
Thursday October 17, 2013 at 7:31 am

Harrisburg Mayoral Debate held at the Pa State Museum 7pm Wednesday October 15, 2013.

The debate was produced by Harrisburg Watch Coalition and moderated by Lynne Richarde of WHP 580 radio.

Panelists are Dave Marcheskie of ABC 27, Tara Leo Auchey of Today;s The Day Harrisburg, and James Roxbury of Roxbury News.

Opening Statements of Dan Miller and Eric Papenfuse.

Questions from the panel. Round 1.

Dave Marcheskie How do you make Harrisburg a safe city.

Tara Leo Auchey What is your vision for a brand for the City of Harrisburg.

James Roxbury Harrisburg Channel 20.

Round 2.

Dave Marcheskie. Campaign Finance

Tara Leo Auchey. Apprehension in the business community.

James Roxbury. Dauphin County Gaming Grants.

Round 3.

Dave Marcheskie. The Harrisburg Strong Plan.

Tara Leo Auchey. Looking at your opponent, what do you see as his prominent strengths as a leader.

James Roxbury. Appointments to Authorities and Committees.

Round 4.

Dave Marcheskie. The problem of blight in Harrisburg.

Tara Leo Auchey. What are your plans to bridge the racial and cultural divides impacting Harrisburg.

James Roxbury. If the City sells property owned by Harrisburg Redevelopment Authority, how will you guarantee that the process will be open and transparent.

Closing Statements.

Eric Papenfuse.

Dan Miller.

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